1700AIO - Affordable 17.3" Touch Screen, 1920 × 1080 IPS High Resolution, Windows 10, Intel Atom Quad Core Processor, Cherry Trail Z8350 1.44GHz up to 1.92GHz, 4GB DDR3/32GB All-in-One PC

1700AIO All-in-One Windows Computer
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View our newest All-in-One, the 1760AIO

Screen: 17.3" Capacitive Touch Screen, 1920 × 1080 IPS High Resolution

CPU: Intel Quad Core, Cherry Trail Z8350, 1.44GHz

OS Windows 10


Memory: 32GB (Optional expanded storage with external hard drive)

Includes 1700AIO, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, power adapter, handbag...

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View our newest All-in-One, the 1760AIO

Screen: 17.3" Capacitive Touch Screen, 1920 × 1080 IPS High Resolution

CPU: Intel Quad Core, Cherry Trail Z8350, 1.44GHz

OS Windows 10


Memory: 32GB (Optional expanded storage with external hard drive)

Includes 1700AIO, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, power adapter, handbag and user manual

Battery: Built-in 5000mAh / 7.4V Li-ion, rechargeable

Wireless Connection: WiFi 802.11b/g/n

Support G-SENSOR

Built-in Bluetooth

Support 1080P Video, Skype Video Call, Multi-Language, Camera 2.0MP (Front), USB Port / HDMI Port / Micro SD Reader (Max: 1128GB)

Audio Output: Stereo Speaker (8 1.0w) / 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack, Windows Store, Internet Browser, Office, Calendar, Calculator, E-mail, Picture Viewing, Music/Video Playback, E-book, Games


iView 1700AIO Highlights

  • Intel Quad Core processor with Cherry Trail Z8350 (1.8GHz)
  • 17.3" 1920 x 1080 IPS Touchscreen
  • 4GB Ram + 32GB Expandable Storage (with use of drive)
  • Windows 10 Home OS
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • 5000 mAh built-in battery
  • 16.46 × 10.49 × 0.87 inches
  • 4.63lbs
  • Includes 1700AIO, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, power adapter, handbag and user manual

iView is your one-stop-shop for the top of the line multi-functional devices available at the best price.

Introducing the iView 1700AIO All-In-One (AIO), the newest addition to our high-quality offerings.

One name says it all!

Large-screen Tablet. iView 1700AIO has all you want from a tablet, only bigger and better.

Portable PC. iView 1700AIO has everything you need in a desktop computer, only lighter and portable.

Calling and Messaging. iView 1700AIO bridges seamless communications over the internet across the globe.

iView 1700AIO All-In-One

Great design is one of the first impressions you'd get out of today's best all-in-one pc. The 1700AIO All-In-One PC is a sophisticated device built with high-quality, high-performance components. It features a 17.3 inch high-resolution screen (1920x1080 DPI) with IPS technology, delivering crisp and clear resolution across all angles. iView 1700AIO runs on an Intel Atom Z8350 Quad Core processor (1.8GHz) and a Windows 10 operating system. Touch screen capability, Bluetooth 4.0, plus the wireless keyboard and mouse makes navigating an effortless task as expected from the best all-in-one pc. The 1700AIO All-In-One PC adds in video calling functionality using the front facing camera, making it a total workhorse. The feature-packed pc all-in-one creates a stellar user experience wherever you go, right when you need it most.

Portable PC All-In-One 1700AIO 17.3 inch

Product Features

Bluetoth, Wifi and Battery

Bluetooth 4.0

iView 1700AIO Bluetooth 4.0 can be easily connected to any Bluetooth accessory. Once connected to a hard drive, mobile phone, speaker or headphones, you can totally forget about wires! Share personal files like photos, music, videos, and more without getting disconnected. The Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology not only aids in efficient file transfers, but pairing compatible wireless peripherals are useful for freeing up USB ports for other devices you may need to attach to your pc all-in-one. Pair your 1700AIO with loudspeakers to increase your audio volume, connect with your headphones to cut out any distractions, or sync with any other devices embedded with Bluetooth technology to make the most of your 1700AIO. 

Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 5GHz

Of course, we can't miss mentioning the latest wireless standard. The built-in Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) in the iView All-In-One PC will get you connected wirelessly to the Internet in almost an instant. Wi-Fi lets you connect the fast, easy, and hassle-free way anytime to access important applications, listen to good music or stream live videos.

Utilize both 2.4G and 5GHz frequencies using your iView 1700AIO. Connect to 2.4GHz network band when trying to connect to a modem far from your workspace, or use the 5G band to achieve higher network speeds at a shorter distance.

USB, HDMI and RJ45 Ports

iView 1700AIO All-In-One PC comes with ports that accommodate more storage and peripherals while ensuring great connectivity Two USB2.0 ports function quite well, but the USB 3.0 port works best for transferring data. It does the job up to 10 times faster than a USB 2.0 port while maintaining the same connectivity option.

The HDMI, or High-Definition Multimedia Interface, port is ideal when transferring uncompressed video data from two HDMI-compliant devices, such as from a computer monitor or laptop to a TV screen.

The RJ45 port, also known as the network port or Ethernet port, when computers are concerned, is mainly used when connecting devices to Ethernet, which is ideal for optimum connect speeds and security when it come to transferring data files.

Built-In Camera

Built-In Camera

The 2.0MP front camera offers clarity when capturing photos and during video chat sessions over the web using your favorite calling or messaging application. Together with the built-in microphone, the iView 1700AIO camera has both parties heard and viewed smoothly throughout its duration.

17.3" (1920x1080 DPI) Screen

The 17.3-inch iView 1700AIO screen is ideally used for work presentations. Impress your client or your boss with the professional appearance and crispness of images on the best all-in-one pc. Bigger than a tablet, you and your audience can see the vibrant images from any point in the room. The IPS technology in the iView 1700AIO All-In-One paves the way for wide viewing angles.

iView's display size is likewise perfect for an immersive gaming experience with spectacular video. High-Resolution IPS 1920x1080 emits the stunning, console-quality images. Visuals stay bright and retains beautiful colors under any lighting. Aside from the ultra-wide view to surround you while you venture into your gaming quests, you can easily operate the portable PC using your fingers.

iView 1700AIO screens have a 16:9 aspect ratio and a high 1920 x 1080 resolution, meaning it will play back a 1080p Full HD content without any upscaling or letterboxing. The big-screen high-resolution iView 1700AIO screen makes it easy to share your favorite content like treasured childhood videos. watch movies with the entire family over the weekend and give them something to get excited about. Connect your device via Bluetooth 4.0, attach to the ports or insert in the Micro SD card reader, then let everyone in on the fun!

High-Resolution Touch Screen

The high-resolution IPS (1920x1080 DPI) on the 1700AIO All-In-One serves as a touchscreen. Organizing files and media, whether at home or at the office, becomes way easier. You can sort pictures and music endlessly in tablet mode while relaxing at the couch. The best all-in-one desktop computers can help you make the most of Microsoft's offerings. IPS technology in iView offers more with the added mobility. Put the multi-touch commands and other Windows 10 features to good use while you're at work for optimal efficiency.

Touch Panel

Wide View 1920x1080 cm

Battery Life

Break free from having to constantly find an outlet to plug in your charger! You won't have to dismantle your desktop CPU and monitor, only to reconnect the cables and setup in a nearby power source. Weighing 8.74 lbs, carrying the iView 1700AIO won't be a burden, especially with the stand that doubles as a flip-out handle. You can use it where you want for as long as you need as the unit can hold eight hours once fully charged.

iView 1700AIO really packs it all with a long-lasting battery to back you up when working for long hours. The 1700AIO is equipped with a high-quality 5000 mAh battery. You can rely on it no matter how often you switch, navigate, and do tasks between applications. Less frequent charging further promotes productivity.

Playing games will be satisfying on a portable device with features at par with the best all-in-one desktop computers. If your idea of a fantastic game experience is grinding for hours long, or engaging in an epic battle while you blast sounds on the speakers, the built-in battery of your portable all in one gaming computer can handle it.

Ultimate Versatility

Small office/home office (SOHO) users and medium to large organizations alike will benefit from the iView 1700AIO All-In-One Computer. Multi-functionality makes it a good addition to a home office as a traditional computer for accomplishing various tasks. The wireless keyboard and mouse offers more versatility. Workload will be much lighter with the fast and reliable, and powerful performance of your 1700AIO.

You can easily switch your iView 1700AIO to a large-format tablet and quickly setup anywhere around the house. Browsing the Internet, composing documents, streaming tv shows and movies online has never been more convenient.

The beauty of iView is how it produces great social interactions. Place it in the living room and invite your guests in. The generous screen size is for all eyes to see! Family members, friends, everyone can participate during game night or bonding time to their utmost enjoyment.

Students, if you're headed to the dorm with your bulky computer, you'll soon realize how snug it can get in your room with a tower desktop. Sure enough, you'd want to keep yourself entertained with your game collection while still saving some space for books! iView 1700AIO is the best pc all-in-one for giving you everything you need and want in terms of functionality, on top of being compact and easy to stow away when not in use. Use it to acquire more learning by reading on your tablet. Bring it to the lounge when collaborating on a project with peers. Lay the screen flat or set it up like you would a monitor, only without the tangled wires and plug.

iView 1700AIO can easily be your new partner at work, at home or in school. Once you get a taste of the best All-In-One PC and the freedom it brings, you'd never get back to boring routine!

What's In the Box?

What's in the Box

The All-In-One iView 1700AIO Package includes the device, a power adapter, user manual, and a carry bag. Included is a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse to connect to your tablet/portable PC at your convenience. Brand new unit and accessories provided for, you can get started right out of the box!

iView 1700AIO PCs fall within the range of all-in-one computers under $400.00 and well within budget. Anyone exploring their options of cheap all-in-one computers will have found the best brand among all-in-one pc deals. You save money, space, and time with an AIO device that offers amazing computing power for its price.

With an iView, you can do more. Simply because you have it all!

This Package includes 1 device, 1 power adapter (5000 mAh battery), 1wireless keyboard, 1 wireless mouse, 1 user manual, and 1 handbag.

About iView 1700AIO All-In-One

Not one tablet nor one desktop fits all, but the brilliant iView 1700AIO All-In-One is suitable for all.

iView 1700AIO All-In-One makes the distinction.

Powerful desktop-like performance and a tablet-like experience with on-the-go convenience.

Executives, graphic designers, video editors, gamers, students, music lovers, value shoppers looking for all-in-one computers under $400.00 and those in search for all-in-one pc deals will find the iView 1700AIO perfect for their needs.

    Life Made Easier With An iView

    Sitting too much on your office chair won't benefit your health! Problem is, there's just so much work to do. Gamers are faced with a similar dilemma, only with tons of stages and bosses to defeat. Could you imagine yourself carrying your desktop around searching for a power source?

    iView 1700AIO spells convenience for packing the best all-in-one desktop computers and all in one gaming computers in a single, portable device. Enjoy maximum portability with a carrying case to ensure your iView device is safe and ready to move whenever you are.

    Impressive Speed

    When you need to get something done at work, you want it done fast. It's essential to get one of the best all-in-one computers if you want a computer that can keep up with your multitasking needs. With the iView 1700AIO All-In-One PC, you'll spend less time waiting and see a lot more results. iView 1700AIO boasts accessibility, efficiency, and speed which can be attributed to three important components. The Z8350 Quad Core CPU + 4GB Ram + 32GB Storage altogether deliver a powerful performance.

    Intel Quad Core Z8350 CPU - Quad-core processing with a speed of 1.8GHz supports high-efficiency power that lets you open applications quickly and efficiently. You can bring the multifunctional iView AIO PC anywhere without worrying about your device dying out. Users of the best all-in-one computer gains lightning fast access to files, documents, multimedia, presentations, games, and experience better picture quality.

    High-bandwidth 4GB Ram - Demanding tasks won't be so demanding once you get ahold of the iView 1700AIO All-In-One. Substantial memory enables smooth gaming experiences without the frustration of a sluggish system. Multiple programs and open browser tabs, as well as photo and video-editing applications can be seamlessly managed on the 1700AIO. Booting and loading applications takes only seconds.

    32GB Internal Storage - Wouldn't you agree that there's never enough room to store priceless photographs, videos and your favorite music? Storing and safekeeping content won't be a problem with 32GB of Internal Storage that can be expanded up to 128GB using the Micro SD card reader, or through attaching external storage solutions via the USB ports.

    Windows 10 OS

    iView 1700AIO All-In-One PC is quickly becoming the AIO of choice. The best all-in-one pc comes with none other than the Windows 10 home operating system. Windows creators are known for presenting consumers with innovative features for optimum system performance and a user-friendly interface. iView 1700AIO presents the familiar Start Menu and all that users have come to love about the operating system.

    With the new and improved Microsoft Edge browser, you can doodle, highlight text, and write directly on web pages. Share notes with colleagues and friends over the web. Book lovers will delight in the enhanced online reading experience brought about by Edge, such as the distraction-free mode and the read-it-later function. Featuring a built-in Cortana integration, you'll get all the help you need in finding a restaurant, making a reservation, and getting directions. That's all achieved without leaving your browser!

    Microsoft has unified the Windows Store for better accessibility. Desktop, tablet, and phone apps are conveniently organized in one place. The Continuum feature automatically adapts your Win10 OS according to your device screen size and input style to fit your needs. While the Windows 10 operating system is basically touch-centric, connecting a mouse and keyboard can revert the tablet interface to the traditional. The included iView 1700AIO All-In-One wireless accessories can transform your device in seconds to serve the purpose you have for it.

    iView 1700AIO Connectivity

    The built-in features of the iView 1700AIO include Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), and USB ports.

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