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iView Proudly Presents The IView Picasso Smart Art Printer For Drinks And Desserts.
  • 1 comment
The iView Picasso is among our latest products that showcase innovation, smart technology and art. The industrial-grade, food-safe printer works to print 3D images on...
This Can Turn your Thoughts into Computer-Generated Speech (Video)
  • 1 comment
Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco designed a computer simulation that turns brain signals into speech.The main motive behind the project was to help...
Best Affordable Laptop and Tablet Deals in 2019 by iView
  • 1 comment
With your tax refund on the way, what’ll you do when you’re suddenly flush with cash? Well, you can either stuff it into your savings...
Thinking About Cutting Cable? Here's 5 Things you Should Know.
  • 1 comment
The average American spends over $1,200 a year on cable alone*, is it truly any wonder why so many are deciding to cut cable? In...
Laptop v. Tablet
  • 1 comment
At first look, a laptop may have a lot over a standard tablet PC. For one, it scores well in the performance department, and for...
How to extend your tablet’s battery life
  • 1 comment
Follow these simple hacks to maximize your Android tablet’s battery life. There is nothing worse than battery life that already drains after only a few...
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